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Mustagh Tower, Pakistan

The Mustagh Tower (23,862 ft) rises above the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakorum Himalaya, Pakistan

Mustagh Resources Ltd. was incorporated in 1983 by Norm Cooper. We began work as a single geophysical consultant interpreting and mapping seismic data, supervising data processing and managing acquisition projects. From 1983 to 1986 we expanded to include a second geophysicist, three technologists, a computer programmer and a lease records administrator. Our activities included interpretation and mapping, software development, design and marketing of speculative seismic surveys, teaching of general seismic methods, field quality assurance of acquisition projects and quality control of data processing. We had a client base of about 20 active oil companies.

However, the world-wide depression of the oil industry in 1986 and our own over-expansion forced a complete reduction of our operation. By mid-year we were again a one-man operation working with two computers out of a limited office.

By the end of 1986 some of our clients began to return to financial health and we were able to add some new clients and longer-term contracts. The purchase of PC based processing software and some specialized interfaces moved us to the forefront of in-field testing and data evaluation. We became heavily involved in seismic program design and implementation. As a result, we have become recognized experts in modern seismic instrumentation and vibroseis sweep design and control electronics. We also became more active in acquisition program management.

With the growing popularity of 3D programs, we became involved in many test programs and spent considerable effort on research and experimental modeling. As a result, we are now considered to be amongst leading authorities in land 3D seismic programs and special techniques.

Throughout the existence of Mustagh Resources Ltd. (from 1983 to present) we have developed and presented many training programs to help pass on the information and techniques which we have learned and helped develop. These courses have been very popular and more than 2000 participants have passed through our programs.

Since 1990 our courses, 3D design expertise and knowledge of acquisition problems and solutions has taken us into the international arena. To date, we have performed services in twenty countries spanning six continents.

Over the past 13 years, Mustagh has served over 200 oil companies. Our operational expertise includes most of Canada, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Ireland, England, France, Poland, Russia, Mozambique, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Trinidad, Algeria, Pakistan, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Mustagh Resources Ltd.
Norm Cooper, PGeoph, President
Email: ncooper@mustagh.com
Yajaira Herrera, MSc., Geophysicist
Email: yajaira@mustagh.com
Ph: +1 (403) 609-2256     Fx: +1 (403) 609-3877     Cell: +1 (403) 680-6676

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