a geophysical consulting company

We conduct courses in Calgary, canada and BogotÁ, colombia

Mustagh Resources Ltd. is a geophysical consulting company. We hold a variety of training courses and seismic workshops every year in Calgary, Canada as well as courses in Bogotá, Colombia. Contact Us for more information.

Courses - Calgary 2022

Cursos Bogotá 2022

Basic Processing of Seismic Data
Not available
  Procesamiento de Datos Sísmicos
No disponible
Introduction to Seismic Methods
Not Available  
  Diseño de Levantamientos 2D-3D para Operaciones Sísmicas Terrestres
Octubre 24-26 | $2.750 USD + TAX
Land Seismic Acquisition
Not available
  Vibrosismo y Diseño de Barridos
Octubre 20-21 | $1.850 USD + TAX
3D Design for Land Seismic Operations
Not available
Vibroseis Theory and Parameter Design
Not available


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