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Mustagh Tower, Pakistan

The Mustagh Tower (23,862 ft) rises above the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakorum Himalaya, Pakistan

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Noise and arrays

improving seismic data quality by reprocessing and redesign of a 3d survey in an area of chaotically-scattered source-generated noise

Current practises in design of 3D land seismic programs

effective length vs. measured length

digital versus analog geophones

2d and 3d considerations for converted wave data

recent developments in 3d survey design and analysis

midpoint scatter seminar

arrays papers

3d seismic design on land - a juggling act with image, economics and the environment 

designing land 3d programs for signal, noise and prestack migration - part I

designing land 3d programs for signal, noise and prestack migration - part II

realities in 3d design planning and processing

efficiencies in 3d design - implementation and operations

seismic acquisition tools and techniques

vibroseis a counter-intuitive SOURCE

seismic instruments - what's new and what's true

geophone arrays in today's world of 2d and 3d

a review of some 3d and 2d models using data simulation

when on-coming traffic gets too close (results of some re-binning and mega-bin simulations in a structured area)

lessons in spatial sampling

excuse me sir, will that be 1 milliseconds or 2

3D model evaluation by data simulation

megabin 3d versus conventional 3d methods

when is a brick wall weak? a critical evaluation of the "brick" pattern for 3d seismic surveys

the value of 3d seismic in today's exploration environment -in canada and around the world

Delta Sigma Converter 

Dynamic Range and the Seismic System

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